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Faculty Development Program


Behaviour Based Safety

3.Happiness Celebration not calibration

Work Life Balance

4.Thanga Mana Ragasiyam

Mind management

5.Personal effectivenss

Personal effectiveness through Aathichudi

6.Personal grooming

Personal grooming through Tamil cinema

7.Fear and Failure management

Success versus failure

8.Kind unwinds mind

Emotional Intelligence

9.Problem solving and decision making


10.Intrinsic motivation

self motivation

11.Quality of life

Holistic approach towards Life on Being, Belonging and Becoming

12.Enhancing employability

20 life skills for students

13.Personal empowerment

Goal setting

14.Change revolution not evoluation

Change Management

15.Conflict to cordial

Conflict resolution


one day workshop on creativity and innovation

17.Habit of Winning


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